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Swimming Pool Construction Process

With each and every swimming pool that Pool FX creates, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our final product. We aim to keep our clients as informed and involved in the pool construction process as possible to ensure that there is no miscommunication and that there are no surprises with regards to the final product.

Once the design process is completed and it has been approved by yourself and the council in your region or suburb, the pool construction work can begin. Below is a step by step visual guide highlighting all the various aspects of swimming pool building from excavation of the site to the finished product.

Please click the images below for a larger view

Inground Swimming Pool Excavation
Step 1 - Excavation

Inground Swimming Pool Steel Fixing
Step 2 - Steel Fixing

Plumbing for Swimming pool
Step 3 - Plumbing

Concrete Pump for Swimming Pool
Step 4 - Concrete Pump

Inground Pools Gold Coast Spraying
Step 5 - Spraying

Concrete Shell Complete Concrete Shell Complete
Step 6 - Concrete Pool Shell Complete

Pool Filtration Pool Filtration
Step 7 - Swimming Pool Filtration

Step 8 - Coping Installed

Pebble Interior
Step 9 - Pebble Interior
Ready To Fill

Inground Swimming Pool Gold Coast - Handover
Step 10 - Handover

Once the project is complete, we hand over your beautiful new swimming pool and all the relevant information on how to maintain your fabulous new addition.

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